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Ashton Kutcher Wins Over Big With Men Cast And Crew

According to sources Ashton Kutcher is quickly making an impression on the set of “Two And A Half Men.”as the sitcom moves pm without Charlie Sheen. The taping went really well, a source on set. No one even mentioned Charlie.
Following the first show, Ashton reportedly threw a party for his cast and crew at Los Angeles venue the Toubadour. Ashton’s wife. Demi Moore was reportedly at his side which occurred last Friday. At the party, the actor was buying drinks a source claimed and his attitude is already helping him win over his workmates. Everybody loves Ashton on the set the source said, however they liked him before the party too. He is really coming off like a cool low maintained guy, and with everything that went down with Charlie everyone is once again breathing a sigh of great relief.
In a new cover story of a magazine, Ashton still hasn’t met Charlie but the actor has reached out. He told sources he doesn’t know Charlie. But you know he sent me congratulations and wished me well, via twitter Ashton said, likely referring to Charlie’s tweets of May 14 when he wished him well. Winning congrats to the cast and crew My best to aplusk Sheen tweeted at the time. The show must go on. You got the right guy!As for why he took the job, the former that 70s show star said he had been mulling a move back to the small screen for some time. When the opportunity came up. Ashton Thought to himself, he said Why Not?
The directors , producer and others are hoping this s going the beginning of a good thing and things can get back to normal.

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