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Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk is already way too hot to handle just imagine how scorching the track becomes when Mars is replaced by the hottest president ever, Barack Obama! Yup, the president himself can be heard rapping to the worldwide smash in this hilarious new clip which has got us bouncing around our bedroom to the leader of the free world's sexy tones.

Of course, the 53-year-old political heartthrob hasn't actually rapped along to the DJ and producer's chart-topping hit – although we wouldn't put it past him -but the clip is actually the baby of mash-up heroes baracksdubs. The video is constructed from snippets of Obama's presidential speeches including his heroic “I know Barack Obama Twitter Reactions ToI know because I won both of them" moment from the State of the Union .

Baracksdubs have created a series of presidential mash-ups, just because the chief executive is just too hot! Hot damn! Previous baracksdubs include diddies to Iggy Azalea's Fancy, which is just one big lol throughout and the U.S. leader is going to shake it off to Taylor Swift's massive pop gem on February 9. Now that we are just way too excited for!

Barack Obama performing Uptown Funk

President Barack Obama does Uptown Funk (Fameflynet UK)

Mark Ronson's first ever chart-topper has become the early breakout hit of the year across the world, soaring to number on both sides of the Atlantic. The single remains the only to have reached the summit here in the UK throughout the entirety of 2015 and has broken the record for the most streams in a week ever, a feat previously set by the track, with 2.56 million streams. And with president Barack Obama's seal of approval, kind of, we're going to bet the gloriously catchy hit isn't going to budge from the top spot anytime soon.

Check out the most powerful man in the western world take on Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk below…

James Corden has hadn't the friendliest of welcomes from talk show king David Letterman. The British star will take over hosting duties on Letterman's companion show The Late, Late Show from March, but The Late Show host isn't convinced James is the man for the job, launching a jaw-dropping tirade against the Into the Woods actor last night.

Corden is set to take over the helm of Letterman's 12:35 a.m. sister show on March 9. Craig Ferguson aired his last show in the slot just before Christmas, with guest hosts filling in for James until he flies over. And while CBS bosses are said to be "in awe" of the funny Brit, Letterman, who is retiring from his show in May, seems to have a problem with the star's commitment. The 67-year-old was a guest on The Late, Late Show on Wednesday night, when he suddenly started questioning why Regis Philbin was filling in as host.

David Letterman has criticised James Corden's new job as The Late Late Show host

David Letterman slams James Corden's new hosting gig on The Late, Late Show (CBS)

"Did they give you this show? I thought it was that chubby guy that got the show, from Great Britain, from England," Letterman asked Regis, as fellow guest Howie Mantel started to look really uncomfortable. "Why isn't he ready? Well, let me ask you a question - when they said to you, 'Regis, come to New York and do a show?', did you say, 'Meh, I need four to five months to put my things in order'? No. You were here. You were here Monday, right? They call you Friday, you're here Monday. Where's the tubby kid? Who's taking over the show."

"Well, let me ask you this: how bad does he want to do a show? There aren't that many shows. How bad does he want it? Where is he?" Letterman continued. Regis tried to be the good guy, insisting "He wants it, he loves it," but Letterman wasn't done, insisting James, who will relocate to New York with his wife Julia and their two young children, should have started on the show immediately, especially as he has reportedly been paid at least £2million for his first year whilst CBS has also contributed £700,000 to help James and his family with the relocation costs. "Really? Well, where is he? Why are we talking to you? I'm just saying, if I've invested my money in a guy to do a show and he says, 'I'm going to need a couple of months', I think that's a flag. This guy - where is he? Is he even in this country? Don't you think that's a question that should be answered - where is the guy? I do."

James appeared as a guest on Letterman's show last year (CBS)

"Let me tell you this, and God forbid, I don't wish ill on anyone but I think something's gone wrong or he'd be here." Letterman did say one nice thing, calling James "a good guy" and adding "I've met him. He seemed like a very nice fella." James appeared on Letterman's show during the Into the Woods promo rounds at the end of last year, with the two appearing to get on pretty well. The outburst appears to have come out of nowhere, with Piers Morgan, who had his own turn as a US talk show host when he replaced Larry King on CNN in 2011, tweeting:

"Nasty stuff from Letterman re @jkcorden - same kind of jealous old TV guy crap Larry King pulled on me." Piers' show was cancelled in March last year after poor ratings, while the Brit's anti-gun stance didn't go down well with a wide portion of his US audience. Let's hope James proves to be more popular...

Sharing a spot on the big screen is definitely not a new thing for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and despite only just finishing up working on their latest movie By The Sea together, Hollywood hunk Brad is now allegedly in talks again to star in his wife's latest directorial effort, Africa.

Africa will be based on Eric Roth's screenplay about paleo-archaeologist Richard Leakey's battle with ivory poachers that threaten the existence of the African elephant population and according to The Wrap, Pitt is a definite frontrunner to play the lead character, Leakey.

After directing Unbroken last year, Angelina will now produce Africa alongside Skydance head David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and John Peters, also reuniting with Unbroken cinematographer Roger Deakins. If the reports are true, this would be the third time that Angelina and Brad were to work together on a movie release, with them meeting on the set of 2005's Mr. & Mrs. Smith, before then teaming up for By The Sea last year.

Brad Pitt in talks to play lead in Angelina Jolie's Africa

Brad Pitt is reportedly in talks to play the lead in Angelia's latest directorial effort, Africa (WENN)

Angelina previously said in a statement, of the upcoming drama: "I've felt a deep connection to Africa and its culture for much of my life, and was taken with Eric's beautiful script about a man drawn into the violent conflict with elephant poachers who emerged with a deeper understanding of man's footprint and a profound sense of responsibility for the world around him."

You might think that it'd be hard working so closely with a loved one, as well as living with them, but Jolie previously said that teaming up with her husband to work on something that they both love, challenges their marriage in a good way.

She told Du Jour magazine in November, whilst filming By The Sea: "Compared to Unbroken, this film is a walk in the park. The tricky thing is directing myself and directing Brad. It's hard, dramatic material, and we're balancing. It's a heavy film, and it's not easy for us. But even as you struggle through it, you're in the trenches together and you don't expect it to be easy. We're challenging each other, and that's a really good thing."

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met on set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Angelina and Brad met on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005 (Regency Enterprises)

With his wife turning her skills to directing more recently, Pitt has also been involved a lot more behind the scenes. He recently starred in and executive produced David Ayer's WWII tank movie Fury. He also served as an executive producer on Selma, as well as the upcoming drama True Story, which debuted at Sundance this week.

Rapper Lil Wayne has reportedly filed a lawsuit against his former best friend and Cash Money boss Birdman for a staggering $51 million following multiple delays of his long-awaited 11th studio album, and he may be dragging Nicki Minaj and Drake into the nasty feud too.

The 32-year-old, who has been a Cash Money artist since 1999, was due to release Tha Carter V in October 2014 but it has been pushed back several times since, much to the fury of Wayne who is blaming the label and his boss Birdman. Now, according to TMZ, Wayne, who dropped a mixtape titled Sorry 4 the Wait 2 last week, has filed a motion to sue Cash Money in a bid to end his contract prematurely.

Lil Wayne suing Birdman for $51 million

Lil Wayne and Birdman previously had one of hip hops tightest friendships (Xavier Collin/Celebrity Monitor/Splash News)

In the court documents, Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., accuses Birdman and the label of violating the terms of his contract and withholding millions of dollars the rapper is owed for repeatedly delaying the album. Wayne believes that because Cash Money are refusing to pay him the hefty debt, he is entitled to leave the label without consequence. He may be right but walking isn't enough for Wayne as he is said to be demanding Birdman and Cash Money pay him the eye-watering amount of $51 million for his troubles.

The battle could get even nastier too though because Wayne is reportedly claiming that in addition to his own music catalogue, he is the owner of ALL recordings made by Drake, Nicki Minaj and a bunch of other artists as they are signed to his Cash Money offshoot label, Young Money. As most know, Drake and Nicki are Cash Money's most lucrative artists with the pair having clocked up several number one albums and sold-out tours. Simply put, if Wayne is the rightful owner, it could be a huge problem for Cash Money.

Lil Wayne claims to own Nicki and Drake's recordings ( B.Dowling/

There could be a resolution though - sources have told TMZ that Wayne will allow Birdman to release Tha Carter V, but only if the music executive, whom Forbes estimated to be worth between $150 million - $160 million in 2014, pays up the compensation Weezy is demanding. According to the Lollipop rapper, he was supposed to have been paid an $8 million advance when he began recording the elusive album in December 2013, and another $2 million when he completed the project a year later, but he says he's received zilch so far.

What a messy situation! This shouldn't come as a shock though because in November, Wayne embarked on a Twitter rant blasting Cash Money for not releasing his LP, telling his followers: “To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won't and hasn't been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it. This is not my fault. I am truly and deeply sorry to all my fans but most of all to myself and my family for putting us in this situation. I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain't that easy.”

Be warned, Budweiser have gone and done it again. The beer giant has only gone and produced another minute long emotional roller-coaster in their latest campaign ahead of this month's Super Bowl, and there are two familiar faces returning for the ride.

Yup, the horse and the puppy are back! Following yesterday's monstrous Go Daddy advert, which was thankfully pulled from TV following protests from animal rights groups, Budweiser have unveiled their puppy's similar journey only this time we can all have a good cry into our morning cups of coffee as our pooch is welcomed home with open arms.

In the aptly titled Lost Dog, the adorable golden lab accidentally finds himself whisked off in the back of a truck before he escapes in the middle of nowhere. To the romantic cover of I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Sleeping At Last, the heroic puppy battles through storms and the night to make the long journey home until he's stopped in his tracks by a grizzly lonesome wolf. After a genuine ten seconds of terror, we can all breathe an enormous sigh of relief because the pup's trusted side kick and best pal, the horse comes to save the day with an army of stallions to fend off the beast.

After days of searching for his beloved dog, the cowboy Don Jeanes, who you may recognise from a string of Budweiser commercials, looks out of his window to see his puppy race home trailed by his very own security team of horses. Honestly, emotional just doesn't even cut it.

The clip follows on from last year's Puppy Love, which had us in a similar blubbery mess ahead of the 48th Super Bowl.

Yesterday, NBC confirmed they had sold out their entire ad space for Sunday's big game for a record cost of $4.5 million per second. The figure is quite a stretch from the $3.5 million in 2012 and slightly more than the $4 million in 2013. But with coverage of the Super Bowl never dipping below an audience of 105 million in the past five years, which last year set a TV ratings record, you can expect everyone will pay whatever it takes to get their name up during this weekend's match.

So far our favourite Super Bowl ad this year has to be T-Mobile's hilarious clip starring reality goddess Kim Kardashian, who turns out is actually a bit of a comedy queen underneath it all. In it, The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star basically takes the micky out of her selfie obsession and her prized derriere in a mock appeal to "save the data". Check it out below.

The Super Bowl XLIX is expected to smash previous viewing figures this Sunday with NBC providing additional live coverage online for the first time ever. Katy Perry will also be bringing her out of this world set to the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona for the prestigious half-time show.

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