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Zach Galifianakis tells USA Today it's "crazy" how many hits his Between Two Ferns interview with Hillary Clinton got—more than 30 million in its first 24 hours, per the Hollywood Reporter , which notes that was the largest first-day viewership number in the Funny or Die website's history. Galifianakis is...

Messy, messy, messy. Even though we’re more than 10 episodes in, the producers of Basketball Wives L.A. have found new ways to stir up the drama and keep it exciting. Which honestly deserves a round of applause because this season of BBWLA has single-handedly resurrected the franchise from near death and destruction.

In episode 11 of the fifth season of BBWLA, we’re introduced to even more new faces as two white women, who I’ll affectionately refer to as “dem hos,” are added to the mix. There’s one white girl who Shaunie O’Neal brings in that seems kind and harmless. She barely registers on the radar.

But Tami Roman gives us January, and this trick lets it be known that her M.O. is to be as messy and trashy as possible. In short order, January reveals to the ladies that she has indeed slept with Angel Brinks’ baby daddy, Tyreke Evans. Tami and Jackie both encourage January to be transparent and not withhold the fact that she has this potentially explosive history with Brinks’ baby daddy, but January takes it a step further and decides to unleash the dragon (shout out to Sisqo) and let Angel Brinks know that she fucked her man right after she’s introduced to her at Tami’s daughter’s video release party.


Now, Jackie did goad and encourage the situation by having the girls stand in a friendship circle and introduce themselves to each other. But she didn’t necessarily expect January to cut straight to the chase and blurt out in front of EVERYBODY that she slept with Angel’s baby daddy.

Brinks was understandably stunned and confused by the abrupt confession but she quickly turned on Jackie for her sneaky involvement in the situation since Jackie was clearly trying to ensure that Angel and January would rub shoulders so this tidbit could make its way out into the open.

Angel Brinks has been eating her multi-vitamins though and she articulately and authoritatively stands up to Jackie and lets Jackie know how she feels. Jackie barks back louder, but everyone at the event can see that Jackie’s increased volume is an attempt to deflect from her messy behavior.

Tami and Shaunie were eager to bring in some fresh blood to stir things up and it looks like based on January’s explosive entrance, these two manipulative witches can check that box as completed.

While it’s sad that grown-ass women are plotting to embarrass their so-called friends, I’d much rather Shaunie and Tami do this than scrap it out head-on with these little girls.

Malaysia and Brandi Tell Duffey to Apologize to Jazz

Even though Duffey doesn’t want to hear it, Brandi and Malaysia are both on the same page about one thing: Duffey had no business attacking Tami’s daughter, Jazz.

When things boiled over between Tami and Duffey, she made it a point to inform Jazz and Tami that she was doing Jazz a favor, since she worked with “real artists.”

This is very obviously a shitty thing to say to a 17-year-old aspiring musician and Malaysia and Brandi make it clear that apologizing to Jazz is the right thing to do.

Duffey then crumbles and blubbers about how she was a single mom who was never gifted anything in her pursuit of DJing as a profession. Duffey also claims she’s a top DJ in the game. Bitch, where?

No musician on BBWLA or any of the LHH franchises is at the “top” of the game. Because if you were, you wouldn’t be collecting a check to gossip and squabble with wannabes. So when Duffey claims that she’s a household name with a high-flying career as a hip hop DJ, you can’t help but wonder, “Famous to who? Known for what?”

But before anyone can truly challenge her or stick it to her, Duffey bursts into a full-on sob and Brandi hugs her in an attempt to make her feel better.

Duffey Does Right By Jazz

In one of those rare and heartwarming moments from BBWLA, we get to witness Duffey make a direct apology to Jazz. Jazz may be a kid but she’s a savvy human being and when Duffey tries to come at her with that bullshit, “If I said anything that hurt you” bullshit, Jazz is quick to get specific with it by saying, “I didn’t like it when you tried to make it seem like I wasn’t a real artist.”


After clocking the fact that a teenaged child has backed her into a corner, Duffey is forced to admit that what she said about working with bigger celebrities was hurtful and ultimately, wrong.

Jazz is gracious and kindly accepts Duffey’s apology and the two soon enough are back to playing basketball with each other and palling around.

Tami Don’t See No Duffey

While the air has been cleared between Jazz and Duffey, Tami is perfectly content maintain her distance from Duffey. Although Jackie and Jazz both think Tami and Duffey need to sit down and talk things out, Tami makes it perfectly clear that the next time she sees Duffey, she is likely to put hands on her. So she’d rather see no Duffey, speak no Duffey or hear no Duffey.

But then, Doug Christie, in one of his many random acts of kindness, offers his wife, Jackie Christie, and her gal pals an all-expenses paid vacation to Portugal.

Jackie initially tries to keep the fact that Duffey will be going on the DL, but Tami directly asks who will be going, and Jackie is forced to admit that Duffey will be extended an invitation.

This news nearly forces Tami to back out of the trip, but after pestering from both Jackie and Brandi, Tami musters up enough politeness to say she’ll consider it.

Jackie Christie’s Body Transformations

I don’t know if this is a new way to work product placement into the show, but in episode 11, Jackie undergoes coolsculpting, to try and tackle her infamous FUPA. As Jackie undergoes the process, she yelps and screams and cries for help at times.

We don’t really get to see the results of the procedure, but it sure looks like something is happening.

In episode 12, however, Jackie decides to go and have a colonic done. Because Jackie is crazy like that, she decides that Malaysia would make an excellent companion and spiritual support.

So poor Malaysia, who was not given a warning and a heads up beforehand, finds herself in a situation where she’s holding Jackie’s hand as Jackie farts, moans, groans and watches clumps of her shit flow by in clear, plastic tubes.

I feel like there’s a larger metaphor in this for us, the viewers, and the show itself, but I’m just going to leave it at this: Jackie Christie confirmed once and for that she is indeed full of shit.

And we love her for it, don’t we?

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It is time for black Americans to send the rest of the country a message by boycotting "the very system that was built on the backs of black people here in America," says actor Isaiah Washington. The former Grey's Anatomy star has joined the #Missing24 movement to call for a...
It is time for black Americans to send the rest of the country a message by boycotting "the very system that was built on the backs of black people here in America," says actor Isaiah Washington. The former Grey's Anatomy star has joined the #Missing24 movement to call for a...

The season finale of Power is finally here and while I’m crying Michael Jordan tears because the best show on TV is coming to an end for a whole year, I can’t say I will miss recapping each jaw clenching, seat jerking episode. So much happens in less than a hour…it makes my freakin brain hurt.

For three seasons of Power, viewers have followed the double life of James St. Patrick aka Ghost and how he tries to handle being a family man, running a popular nightclub and one of the biggest drug operations in New York City, all while dating a federal prosecutor who just happens to be working the case that involves him, his partner in crime Tommy, and their plug Lobos. Pretty deep stuff…

This season focused on Ghost attempting to get out of the drug game and finally live a clean life. However he quickly learns that this won’t be an easy task, and is pulled even further into the game when the Serbian drug lord Milan takes over his club and forces him to sell drugs for him. On top of Milan, Ghost has to deal with Angela and her office getting closer to taking him and Tommy down, and his arch-nemesis Kanan returning to taking an interest in his son Tariq. Did i forget to mention even Holly tried to kill Ghost this season and had Tommy acting all crazy (before coming to his senses and choking her to death)?!?!

With all that being said, let’s get right into the season finale that had me absolutely lost for words in the final moments. Power always has a way of making you fiend for the upcoming (not even filmed yet) season after watching the season finale. Thanks a lot, guys!

The final episode opened up with Greg finding out Ruiz was killed. Greg goes to the crime scene and views Ruiz’s body stabbed to death in a car. He takes the state of the art FBI recording device from Ruiz’s jacket and later listens to the tape to try to find evidence to incriminate Angela and Ghost. Unfortunately for Greg, the tape proves nothing and he calls Mike to see if he can convince him to believe Angela is behind the leak.

Ghost tells Proctor all about the possible recording Greg has in his possession. He also tells Proctor that on the recording Tommy killed Ruiz. Proctor is pissed by the news and informs Ghost that helping him out would be a conflict of interest, considering he is still Tommy’s lawyer. Ghost assures Proctor that Tommy’s best interest is his best interest, seeing that the recording could implicate him in multiple felonies. Ghost also tells Proctor that Angela denied knowing about a pending indictment against him. Ghost tells Proctor he and Angela are no longer seeing each other, and Proctor congratulates him on another “fuck up.” Proctor promises Ghost if the tape surfaces he can get it excluded, but once it plays in court, Tommy is going to jail, and if he is on there he will be going down too. Ghost has a look on his face like he just saw a ghost…literally.

Tommy goes to meet with Milan who disrespects one of his own men in front of him and tells him to leave the room. As they talk privately, Milan informs Tommy that he is going to have to wait to kill Ghost until after the black tie party at Truth is a success and Ghost signs the deal with Karen Bassett. Tommy asks Milan who will run the club if they kill Ghost and he tells him that Karen is very fond of Andre (which she is, but too bad Tommy ain’t letting any of that go down). Milan also tells Tommy at the right time he wants him to pull the trigger when they kill Ghost.

After Ghost saw Greg at Ruiz’s crime scene, he sneaks into Greg’s apartment to try to find the recording or any evidence that could land him in jail. As he searches through the home, Ghost sees Angela’s dress lying on Greg’s bed and pictures of him, Tommy, and Lobos in Greg’s room. While Ghost is doing the search, Angela pops up at Greg’s apartment and comes close to catching Ghost, but he manages to avoid being seen by her. After Angela leaves, Ghost goes back out the window he came in Greg’s apartment through to make a clean escape. He takes his gloves off after going out the window and drops a tool used to lock the window. Ghost then accidentally touches the window with his bare hand and leaves his fingerprints on the window. This comes back to bite him in the ass big time at the end of the episode.

Greg later pulls over Ghost after he broke into his home and tries to get him to snitch on Angela. He aggressively searches Ghost and accuses him of killing Lobos and Angela being the inside man. He offers Ghost a deal to give Angela up, but Ghost doesn’t give him anything and claims Angela is innocent. Greg tells Ghost that Angela wouldn’t do the same thing for him and have his back before letting Ghost go free. Ghost returns to Truth and tells Tommy that he was just pulled over. He says their signature catchphrase “they didn’t see shit, i didn’t say shit, so it ain’t shit” and Tommy joins in. Tommy tells Ghost about Milan’s plan to kill him after he signs the deal with Karen and how he plans to put Andre in his position. He also informs Ghost that they are going to have to take Milan down on the night of the black tie party. Ghost is concerned about making the move while Karen, her father, and the rest of the guests are at the club, but after Tommy quickly informs him that this will be their only shot at getting Milan, Ghost agrees to his plan.

When Mike later goes to visit Greg, Greg gets a call back from the Mexican Federal Police he called earlier in the episode to confirm a tip Mike claimed he got about Lobos’ whereabouts. The MFP tell Greg that there is no record of a tip ever being made and the agent Mike claimed who made the tip died a year ago. Greg instantly knows that Mike is the leak and confronts him about it. Mike tries to convince Greg that he had no choice in helping Lobos and can make Angela look like the leak, but Greg refuses to pin it on an innocent Angela and offers to take Mike in himself. Mike pulls a gun out on Greg and shoots him twice: once in the neck, another time through his hand and chest. After shooting Greg, Mike cleans up any evidence he left at Greg’s spot and places the burner phone he used to contact Lobos inside of a drawer in the home. The next day, Angela finds out Greg was murdered and she is a combination of confused and hurt at the same time. The feds later close the leak case and put it all on Greg after the burner phone was found in his home. Even though I’ve been impatiently waiting on Greg to get popped for meddling too much, I hate he died after realizing Angela wasn’t the leak.

Tariq hangs out with Kanan, who convinces him to make a sell to one of his homies Ray Ray for him. At first Tariq is hesitant, but after Kanan makes him feel bad, he agrees to do the deed. When Tariq goes to make the sell (which turns out to be guns), Kanan’s homey arrests him and takes him to a police car waiting down the street. Inside the police car is Jukebox, Kanan’s crooked cousin from D.C., who we were introduced earlier in the season. Jukebox asks Tariq who gave him the guns and threatens to take him to jail, but he doesn’t break or give up Kanan. Moments later, Kanan gets in the police car and breaks the news to Tariq that the whole thing was a test to find out if he was a rat and he passed. Later, Tariq goes to hang out with Kanan, Jukebox, and Ray Ray, and they ask him questions about how much his father is worth and gives him a whole bottle of lean to drink. As Tariq gets messed up off the lean, he tells them his family is filthy rich and Jukebox uses this to come up with an idea to hold the teen for ransom. She confronts Kanan about hanging out with Tariq and not using him to get money from Ghost. Kanan tells her he was going to use Tariq to rob the parents of his rich school friends (maybe Kanan isn’t as bad as we all thought), but Jukebox shuts this idea down. Instead, she tells Kanan they will get the money from Ghost and afterwards they will kill Tariq, as an evil plan to get back at Ghost in a major way.

Ghost meets up with Angela at a diner they use to go to as kids. At this point, Angela knows Greg is dead and wants to know if Ghost had anything to do with his murder. She asks Ghost what did he do last night and he ends up telling her Greg pulled him over and accused him of killing Lobos. Ghost also tells Angela that Greg tried to get him to admit she was the leak, but he told him she was innocent. All of this makes Angela suspicious of Ghost and when he tells her he would do anything to protect her from Greg, Angela is almost sold Ghost had something to do with the murder. She tells Ghost that the leak case is closed and that she won’t be seeing him anymore. Ghost tries to stop Angela from leaving the restaurant and convince her that they love each other, but Angela wants nothing else to do with him. Angela later goes to Greg’s apartment and finds fingerprints on his window. She looks the fingerprints up at work to find out who the alleged murderer is.

On the night of the black tie party, Ghost impresses Karen and her father, and they officially sign the expansion deal. Shortly afterwards, Milan tells Ghost that they have to talk now that the paperwork is signed, but Ghost refuses to talk with him because he finally has the Serbian drug lord where he wants him. He pulls a gun on Milan and shows him that each of his men are being held up at gunpoint by Andre’s homies from the hood he snuck into the club. Even Tasha makes Tatiana have a seat when she tries to confront Ghost over pulling a gun on Milan. From there, Tommy and Ghost take Milan to a secluded warehouse, where they both fire shots and kill him. Ghost and Tommy briefly talk and agree that they are both finally free to live their lives how they want. Ghost returns to the club and one of Milan’s guys talks to Tommy about getting the men moving to a new warehouse. He asks Tommy if he told Ghost that they will still be moving drugs in his club. Tommy tells him that Ghost will know soon enough, and he won’t give Ghost a choice if he has a problem with it.

When Tasha returns home from the black tie party, Raina tells her that Tariq is hanging out with “his new friend Slim.” She tries to call Tariq’s phone, but he ignores the call because he is slumped on the lean. Once Tariq falls all the way asleep, Jukebox has Kanan take a picture with his arms around Tariq as he is knocked out. They send the picture to Tasha from Tariq’s phone along with the text, “If you want him back, you’re gonna have to pay.” Tasha is shocked by the text and has to hold back from losing it while Raina is in the room.

Ghost returns to the black tie party and talks with Karen and her father, who invites him to take his jet to Dubai next week. As they are talking, Angela shows up to the club and Ghost excuses himself from the conversation to talk to her. Ghost kisses Angela on the lips and he tells her he never meant to hurt her and has a reason for everything he did. He tells her now they can be together, but to his surprise, Angela cuffs him and reads him his rights. Ghost is completely shocked at Angela arresting him for Greg’s murder, something he really knew NOTHING about. Everyone in the club, including Karen and her father, see Ghost get arrested (Karen’s father was super pissed LOL). As Ghost is forced into the police car, he tells Angela he can’t believe she is arresting him and she tells him that it was the right decision. I really don’t know how I feel about this scene, but let me just say that if I saw Lela Loren, who plays Angela, out in person I would probably knock that ass out on sight. (J/k…)


  • OK now, seriously… where in the fuck is LaKeisha? Did Tommy kill her or what??? We deserve to know this.
  • When Ghost slipped up and told Tasha he helped Tommy with Holly I almost jump into the screen and slapped him my damn self. Like, BRUH!
  • I’m still tripping over this ending, like WTF man?!? Did that really just happen? Damn you Power for messing up my whole week.

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