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Justin Bieber has been celebrating his 21st birthday in style, with a party on a private island in the Caribbean island. The singer, who spent Friday at a pool in Miami, Florida, surrounded by a large group of girls in bikinis, wanted to share some of his special birthday moments, so he began uploading photos of his celebration to Instagram. The series of photos, which include shots of him and his friends frolicking on the beach and playing cards, showed how much fun the singer, who officially turned 21 on March 1, has been having.

One photo, however, made him the target of some abuse from his critics. After Justin posted a photo of himself shirtless, looking out over a pool, comments began to appear immediately that drew attention to what appears to be several tummy rolls on the singer's stomach. Commenters were less-than-kind when leaving their opinions below the photo.

Justin Bieber received some harsh comments after posting this photo. (Instagram)

“Honey, you are fat but I don't care, I love you!” one wrote.

“You got fat,” another commented.

Justin was forced to let his fans and critics know that he is not gaining weight; he's simply the victim of a bad camera angle.

“Great birthday,” Justin wrote in the photo caption. “And I'm not fat it's the angle.”

Justin Bieber appears on new billboards for Calvin Klein. (AKM-GSI)

Justin looks anything but fat in his new ad campaign for Calvin Klein. The singer's new campaign shows him wearing only the company's boxer briefs and looking quite muscular. He also recently went topless for Men's Health magazine. However, several media outlets have claimed that both sets of photos have been retouched significantly to make Justin appear more fit and muscular.

Justin's physique, as well as all other aspects of his life, will be up for comment when the singer becomes the “victim” of a Comedy Central Roast. Jeffrey Ross, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog are among the people that will poke fun at the singer, in honor of his 21st birthday.

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