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Chris Brown spent Tuesday in a standoff with the LAPD at his Tarzana home that ended with the singer being arrested, the LA Times reports. It all started when, a woman claims, Brown pointed a gun at her and she tried to escape his property. She eventually did flee, but...

Three months ago a Stanford student made headlines across the country for raping an unconscious classmate. And while the act alone is gruesome enough to warrant national attention, it was the incredibly lenient sentence that garnered the ire of the public. The judge in the case decided to ignore the prosecution’s request for a 6-year sentence and instead gave Brock Turner a measly 6 months.

Well, today that 6 months was shortened to 3 months as Turner is set to be released on Friday (Sep. 2). According to The New York Post, he is being let out after serving half his already shortened time due to “good behavior.”

The fact that this guy can rape an unconscious woman and then be set free on the streets after a mere three months makes you wonder about our justice system. Undoubtedly, the fact that he is a white, college educated man plays a part, but even then, the sentence and early release is ridiculous.

The judgment was so bad, Aaron Persky (the judge who sentenced Turner) has had jurors refuse to serve under him and was taken off a different sexual assault case.

The news comes the same day President Obama has commuted the sentence of 111 prisoners with his clemency authority. Obama has by far been the strongest proponent amongst presidents to use this power, mainly using it to free or shorten convictions for people who suffered unfairly long sentences for nonviolent drug arrests.

Many of those being helped by Obama were not afforded the same luxuries that Turner had growing up and have therefore been punished much more harshly by the law. There are many life sentences for intent to distribute, and unlike Turner, who only had to serve months, most have spent the majority of their lives in prison.

All I can hope is that despite his early release, Brock Turner continues to pay for his heinous actions. And while I wish he would be cast out as a pariah, unable to get a great job or form a real relationship with a woman, with the way he’s been treated since this all started, I somehow don’t think that will be the case.

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After a stand-off with LAPD that lasted hours, Brown has been taken into police custody and could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Brown is now on his way to the police station to be processed.

The possible felony charge comes after police were granted a search warrant to search his home while the singer waited outside. Brown seemed to in good spirits as he talked with police (with his lawyer present) and didn’t seem too bothered.

He even waved to media helicopters gathering aerial footage multiple times. Clearly the situation was more serious than he was letting on.

Brown’s arrest is connected to an incident that allegedly occurred at his home early Tuesday morning (Aug. 30). Beauty queen, Baylee Curran, claimed Brown pulled a gun on her after an argument over jewelry.

Though she was an uninvited guest in his home, she also reportedly refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Curran called the police after the incident, and LAPD and SWAT have surrounded his house ever since.

Details from the authorities’ perspective or what was found during the search are still unknown. However, while refusing to exit his home, Brown did allegedly throw out a duffle bag out a window containing a gun, other weapons, and drugs. He reportedly the yelled, “Come and get me!

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Another celebrity has suffered the tragic loss of a loved one. T-Pain’s niece, Javona Glover, was fatally stabbed outside a Tallahassee Walgreens earlier today (Aug. 30).

Glover was only 23 and was the mother of a 2-year-old daughter. Police arrived on the scene around 10:30 am and found her bleeding heavily. Unfortunately, she passed away before she could be treated at a hospital.

The killer is still on the loose. The Tallahassee Police Department released details about the suspect. They are looking for a “5-foot, 9-inch black male weighing about 160 pounds. He was last seen wearing a black T-shirt and white tennis shoes,” reports

T-Pain also asked for help via social media.

Instagram Photo
Though the rapper paid tribute to his niece and also thanked fans for their support, he also asked media to respect his family’s privacy.

Instagram Photo

T-Pain is the latest celebrity to have a family murdered. Dwyane Wade’s 32-year-old cousin, Nykea Aldridge, was shot and killed last Friday (Aug. 26) in Chicago while pushing her 3-week-old baby in a stroller. She was caught in the crossfire of a shooting and police have arrested and charged two men in her murder.

If you have any information regarding Jovana Glover’s case, the Tallahassee Police Department can be reached at 850-891-4200 or 850-574-8477 (850-574-TIPS).

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Chris Brown made headlines earlier today as he was held up in his house with authorities reportedly prepared to place him under arrest. However, Brown’s neighbors do not appreciate chaos and Nick Young wants his friend to pack his bags.

LAPD and SWAT have surrounded Brown’s Tarzana, CA home since early Tuesday morning (Aug. 30). The situation has also attracted media outlets and helicopters.

“Chris, you gotta move,” Young addressed his neighbor via Instagram video. He said Brown is “making the block hot” and may cause problems for the few black people living in the upscale neighborhood.

“There’s really only two of us [black people] over here … at this rate you gonna make it one… Please, I like you, man. You my dawg. We go out, but you go out away from over here… go!”

Instagram Photo

Young was obviously joking, he even included #YouKnowImPlaying in his post’s caption. However, I’m sure having helicopters and authorities swarm your usually quiet neighborhood is an unsettling annoyance, especially if you’re a person of color.

Unfortunately, Nick will probably have to deal with this issue for a little while longer. Brown briefly spoke with police (with his lawyer) and may be arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on a woman.

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