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Exactly six months after his death from liver cancer, David Bowie became a grandfather, the New York Daily News reports. The music legend's only son, director Duncan Jones, announced the birth of his first child—Stenton David Jones—Friday, tweeting that he was born July 10, "exactly six months after...

Very incriminating evidence was revealed by prosecutors in Nicki Minaj’s brother’s rape case. According to the prosecution, semen found on the 12-year-old accuser’s clothing is a DNA match to Jelani Maraj. Prosecutors have offered Maraj a plea deal in light of the new evidence.

“A DNA profile, a partial profile matching the defendant or consistent with the defendant, your honor, to the point in the hundreds of billionths of chance of it being any other individual, was discovered in the…pants of the complainant in this case, and also tested positive indicating the presence of semen,” Anthony Pirri (assistant district attorney) told the judge during a July 26 Nassau County Supreme Court hearing.

Maraj, 37, was arrested last year after a 12-year-old accused him of raping and sodomizing her between April 1 and November 30, 2015. He was arrested a day after the final incident and was indicted on several felony rape and sexual assault charges in July 2016.

Maraj could face multiple life sentences if found guilty. A trial is set to begin in November, but could be avoided if Maraj agrees to a plea deal. Prosecutors have reportedly offered him 15 years if he pleads guilty to a felony charge of “predatory sexual assault of a child.”

He previously rejected a plea deal of 7 years before he was indicted and the release of the DNA evidence.

Regardless of the end result for Maraj, this is a horrible situation all around. We also can’t forget that a minor has been sexually assaulted and now has to deal with the effects of the heinous act for years to come.

Nicki Minaj has not commented on the matter.

DNA Evidence Incriminates Nicki Minaj’s Brother of Raping 12-Year-Old, Faces Life in Prison is a post from: Gossip On This - Pop Culture, News, Videos & Humor

There will be no payday for 29 people who claimed to be Prince's heirs, including a woman who said the CIA covered up her marriage to the superstar, a Minnesota judge ruled in an order disclosed Friday. Reuters reports that Carver County Judge Kevin Eide ordered genetic testing for six...

The Internet has a way of really ruining your childhood, doesn’t it?

It’s been 20 years since America’s favorite aardvark “Arthur” first aired on TV, and this week, the popular PBS kids’ show was made into a host of memes and became a trending topic on Twitter.

The memes, which involved topics like cheating exes, Black Lives Matter, Hip-Hop references, North Korea, and a ton of other things, came out of nowhere after a Twitter user posted a picture of Arthur’s fist with the caption, “This is just a pic of Arthur’s fist but idk how I feel that it’s just so relatable. So many emotions in one fist.”

From there, Twitter had a field day with the Arthur memes.  Some of the tweets even joked at an incestual relationship between Arthur and his younger sister D.W.

Check out the (NSFW) memes below:

It all started with the fist.

Erykah Badu even joined in on the fun.

And then things got a lot funnier.

Then it got really awkward and incest-like.

While some found the Arthur and DW memes taking it too far, others were quite amused by them, Chrissy Teigen being one of those people.

And of course, somebody had to roast Joe Budden with an Arthur meme. 

That damn Twitter! SMH…

Arthur Memes Are Taking Over the Internet and Ruining Your Childhood is a post from: Gossip On This - Pop Culture, News, Videos & Humor

Justin Bieber made a dying girl's final days a little better, her mom says in a touching note to the star posted on his Facebook page Monday. Kaylee Drew, 9, died Saturday of acute myeloid leukemia; Bieber had made the Boston girl's dream come true by visiting her in the...

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