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It’s one of the biggest events of the summer, and 2014 Comic-Con International is well underway in San Diego, CA this week.

Bringing her sexy star power to the exciting event, Megan Fox struck a pose in a black crop top ensemble and mingled with fellow Paramount movie stars while promoting her flick “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" with Will Arnett.

In addition the Miss Fox, Matthew McConaughey was on hand to promote his upcoming Christopher Nolan flick “Interstellar.”

Meanwhile, Nolan discussed his new film with the press and said, “I needed the biggest canvas possible,” when talking about shooting with large-format IMAX.

Nolan also discussed his fascination with space, explaining, “I grew up in a time when being an astronaut was the highest ambition of any child. The idea that we’d keep exploring space seemed an inevitability.”

Following in his sisters footsteps, Elle Fanning stepped out for a dance class in Studio City, CA on Thursday afternoon (July 24).

The “Maleficent” gal toted her workout gear and rocked a pair of black yoga pants with her hair pulled back as she entered the classroom.

In related news, Elle is getting ready for the release of her Indie film “Young Ones,” in which she stars alongside Nicholas Hoult and Michael Shannon.

The movie is set to be released via Screen Media and hit theaters on October 17th.

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