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Love & Hip Hop Star Rich Dollaz’s Nude Pics Leak, The Internet Laughs and Recoils in Horror

Why is it that when celebrity nudes leak, it’s never the nudes of the attractive stars that you actually want to see naked? Well, let’s go ahead and get this over with as quickly as possible: Rich Dollaz‘s dick pics are all over the Internet. Allegedly.

Funky Dineva, a reality TV blogger/vlogger superstar, has secured photos of a man exposing his penis, which he has been led to believe is Rich Dollaz of “Love & Hip Hop” (New York) fame.

Looking at the pictures, it definitely looks like Rich. But since his face isn’t in the photos, there’s always the possibility that the pictures belong to someone else, and a third party just wants to use these pictures to damage Rich’s name.

But who the hell would put that much effort into framing Rich Dollaz like that? Nobody. That’s who. Well, except for maybe Erica Mena. Guess this is her payback for all the struggles over her career.

The more likely culprit is Karrine Steffans aka SuperHead though. Rich appears to have FOOLISHLY entered into some kind of sexual relationship with the biggest blather mouth in hip hop and she’s busy bragging on Twitter about Rich sending her sext messages.

Yeah, this bitch is known for leaking shit and drumming up controversy for her personal gain. So if anyone’s to blame for this unfortunate exposure, it’s likely her.

As far as Rich’s manhood goes, the Internet was pretty much unanimous in its disgust of the photos, while also highly critical of the unimpressive length of Rich’s mini-me. You might say Rich got the short end of the stick in that department.

Here are a few hilarious reactions to the Rich Dollaz nudes from Twitter:

Let’s wait and see if Rich is man enough to step forward and accept responsibility for stupidly sending nude pics out to all these ratchet hos in these streets.

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